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Electrical Drawing 

Layout For Homes & Residential Building

If You are a House Owner, Contractor, or Electrician Looking for Electrical Drawings

Feel Free to contact us for further clarifications and to know electrical drawings charges. We also Provide Online electrical drawings services in which you can email or Whatsapp your architectural or civil drawings to us and discuss your ideas and requirements via telephone. For more details contact us.

Electrical Layout Design

Electrical Layout designs are very important for the house owner and electricians or electrical contractors to understand & finalize the position of various fittings and its control switch positions. This will allow avoiding unwanted fittings and correct switch position as per house owners’ requirements.

Electrical Lighting Layout Design

Electrical Lighting Layout designs show the position of various light fittings and their control switch positions. This will allow house owners’ to confirm correct and complete lighting for their home. This lighting layout design also shows the control supply is from the Inverter or mains. Master switch-controlled lights in exterior is shown in this layout.

Electrical Power Layout Design

Electrical Power Layout designs are normally done where there are a number of lights and power sockets in the same location. So we have to separate the electrical layout drawing and need to provide separate the lighting layout and the power layout drawing. 

Electrical Circuit & Conduit Layout Design

Electrical circuit & conduit Layout designs show the position and route of laying conduit or PVC piping for taking electrical wires. This is very important because choosing the short and easiest path of conduit will save a huge amount of money. Since we While saving the conduit length. We are actually saving labor and material cost for cutting, laying, and fitting conduits; Cost of conduit, and Cost for multiple runs of wires.

Electrical Scheme & Instructions

Electrical Scheme shows the Distribution Board Details, Energy meter box details, Protection, and safety equipment like SPD, Isolator, Fuse, Phase selector, Indicators, RCBO, RCCB, ELCB, MCB, etc. rating and specifications. Details of earthing that needs to be used. Size and specification of wires and cables. The special and customized system for back supply requirements like inverter and generator as per house owner requirement. Special protection of electrical system Installed exterior to the house. Consideration of future spare loads and power sockets of charging electric vehicles, and many more.

Plumbing Layout Design

Plumbing Layout designs show layout designs of various piping for freshwater, hot water, wastewater, pipeline to septic tanks, etc. This drawing will also help in positioning water tanks and water filter systems to avoid the blockage of pipes in the future. This drawing will also show the position for various tanks and well like open weel, bore weel, waste waster tank, septic tank, rain harvester tank,etc.

CCTV Layout Design

CCTV Layout designs show the various camera position that needs to be installed to get the best coverage of the house. This will also help to minimize the blind spot of the camera. This drawing will also show the position of the CCTV panela and conduit for cabling the cameras.

Solar Power & Water Heater Design

Solar power and water heater design will show position for solar power plant and solar water heater on the rooftop. In some cases, it will show potential future positions for these items and piping requirements that need to be done during construction for easy installation in the future.

Electrical Load Schedule

The load schedule will show the complete connected load in the system. This will also give the house owner to have an idea about how many light fittings and fans, he/she needs to purchase.

Electrical Drawing

Choosing the right Make a flawless electrical system for your place with accurate electrical drawings from Us. Our drawings helps electricians to for repair and installation. With out electrical drawing it is likely that electricians can end up with fault. Our visual representation design makes work quick and easy. We make the best electrical drawings as per the customer requirement ensuring safety. We provide accurate electrical drawings with cost effective rates. Our electrical drawings for house are available both basic and complex constructions.

Don’t invest too much in employing professionals for electrical drawings. We are here to help homeowners to cut down expenses on these by providing budget friendly drawing from experts. Get electrical drawings quickly we are just a call away!

You can check our drawing and marked item. According to the clients requirements other plugging points also can be included

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